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Okay, so apparently my Flash Fiction Fridays goal has fizzled.  Not to worry.  I’ll be back on board soon enough.  Promise.  You try to write anything with a toddler that thinks you’re unnecessary until you sit down to work on something…  Once I sit down, it’s all over.

The good news?  I’m outlining a new story.  Hooray!  I just made an account with LitLift so I’m spending my “free time” (Ha!) losing myself in a different world.

What outlining tools do you use?  Do you have any go-to programs for writing, organizing, or editing?  Please share!


A Revival!


Reviving this blog, yet again!  This time, with a makeover.  This will become my sewing/cooking/writing/generally being blog of awesome.  Mostly because a friend of mine convinced me to start doing a weekly writing challenge with him and I need somewhere to collect my “stuff”.

Words.  I have them.

Apparently it’s too late and I’m too tired to be bothered with words right now.  So, until later.

And really, I’m actually, for true, going to post weekly (or more.)

I promise.