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Friday Flash Fiction Challenge: Opening Line


So, in an attempt to keep my brain from turning to baby-talk mush… I present you with my first Flash Fiction Challenge entry.  I’m committing to this weekly writing challenge and I need people to keep me on task.  Because, really.  It’s me.  And you all know how I follow through.  (I don’t.)

This week’s challenge is an opening line contest.  View the challenge at TerribleMinds.

I’m channeling Mal a little bit here, and that’s a-okay.  Because who doesn’t like a little naked Mal in the morning?  😉

You're welcome. Image from Fireflywiki.net

“Well, shit,” Tracey grumbled as he watched the tail lights disappear into the desert night, leaving him shivering naked in the sand; “That asshole stole my lucky lighter.”