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Historical costumes I’ve made

Oh, pretty.


I haz pretty new dress, 🙂 Yay


Upcoming Projects


I suppose since I’m not sewing right now and I won’t have time to sew for a while, I should post a list of my projects that I have in mind.  So much to do, so little time.  Maybe one of these days I will have time to do more than work, work, work.  Anyway, here is the list!

Apron for Erika (Can’t wait, it’s going to be super cute!)
Shirt for Eric for reenacting
Curtains for my sewing area (Just working out a pattern and figuring out exactly what colors I want to use in my room)
Super cute pair of shorts and a shirt just in time for summer weather
Confessors dress, because I am a dork and I am going to be Kahlan for Halloween.  Win!

That’s the list.  Look for projects when I have a second to post them!