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A Revival!


Reviving this blog, yet again!  This time, with a makeover.  This will become my sewing/cooking/writing/generally being blog of awesome.  Mostly because a friend of mine convinced me to start doing a weekly writing challenge with him and I need somewhere to collect my “stuff”.

Words.  I have them.

Apparently it’s too late and I’m too tired to be bothered with words right now.  So, until later.

And really, I’m actually, for true, going to post weekly (or more.)

I promise.


Long Time, No Post


Oops.  This was supposed to be my super-awesome-happy-funtime blog and it seems that I have completely forgotten about it.  Take two!!  Here are some photos of the process (and finished product!) for my Halloween costume from 2011.  Sorry it took so long, I apparently fail at blogging.


Sketching it Out


I’m spending my day off with my sketchbook and a head full of fun ideas.  Eric has a few things he would like me to make for his reenacting, but I’ve got so many projects I would like to get to!  There aren’t enough days off for me to get to everything!  I should probably get started on some summer clothes, but why would I when I have so many exciting costumes to make!  Meh, who needs normal clothes?  I’d take a funky costume over a pretty dress any day!

Eric and I had been talking about creating a film noir.  Perhaps I should get started on that, we brought the idea up years ago.  I quite like playing the femme fatale.

Hey Mama and a sketchbook.  That’s how I’m spending my day.