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A Revival!


Reviving this blog, yet again!  This time, with a makeover.  This will become my sewing/cooking/writing/generally being blog of awesome.  Mostly because a friend of mine convinced me to start doing a weekly writing challenge with him and I need somewhere to collect my “stuff”.

Words.  I have them.

Apparently it’s too late and I’m too tired to be bothered with words right now.  So, until later.

And really, I’m actually, for true, going to post weekly (or more.)

I promise.


Long Time, No Post


Oops.  This was supposed to be my super-awesome-happy-funtime blog and it seems that I have completely forgotten about it.  Take two!!  Here are some photos of the process (and finished product!) for my Halloween costume from 2011.  Sorry it took so long, I apparently fail at blogging.


Oh, pretty.


I haz pretty new dress, 🙂 Yay

Costuming Greatness


Ha, so my latest sewing project?  A dog tail and ears for JD Green from Froggy 100.9, the local country radio station.  They did a fundraiser with us at CVHS, and JD was locked away in a kennel waiting for his adoption fee to be raised.  Check out the pics at

Walking the "dog" 🙂

CVHS was able to raise over $500, loads of cat litter and food, as well as lots of toys and treats.


Upcoming Projects


I suppose since I’m not sewing right now and I won’t have time to sew for a while, I should post a list of my projects that I have in mind.  So much to do, so little time.  Maybe one of these days I will have time to do more than work, work, work.  Anyway, here is the list!

Apron for Erika (Can’t wait, it’s going to be super cute!)
Shirt for Eric for reenacting
Curtains for my sewing area (Just working out a pattern and figuring out exactly what colors I want to use in my room)
Super cute pair of shorts and a shirt just in time for summer weather
Confessors dress, because I am a dork and I am going to be Kahlan for Halloween.  Win!

That’s the list.  Look for projects when I have a second to post them!

Sketching it Out


I’m spending my day off with my sketchbook and a head full of fun ideas.  Eric has a few things he would like me to make for his reenacting, but I’ve got so many projects I would like to get to!  There aren’t enough days off for me to get to everything!  I should probably get started on some summer clothes, but why would I when I have so many exciting costumes to make!  Meh, who needs normal clothes?  I’d take a funky costume over a pretty dress any day!

Eric and I had been talking about creating a film noir.  Perhaps I should get started on that, we brought the idea up years ago.  I quite like playing the femme fatale.

Hey Mama and a sketchbook.  That’s how I’m spending my day.

Alice Costume P.2


I had a more successful sewing day than I anticipated *Grin*  I finished my Alice costume, Whee!   I didn’t have any sleeve-drama tonight.  (That’s a first!)  I’ve been known to make everything sleeveless to avoid the disaster I always find myself in.

And I present to you, direct from my living room- my “Not your normal Alice, Alice” costume.  One of these days, when I feel like fighting with the lacing on the front, I will take some photos of me *IN* the costume!

I have a few items to add to this costume before the party- most of them will be purchases because I don’t have nearly enough time to do the sewing I would like to do.  Check back in a while for party pics!

Alice Costume


I had started an Alice costume for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, but my sewing machine decided to not work properly and I ended up giving up.  Well, I have a few amazing friends that don’t allow me to give up.  They are hosting an Alice in Wonderland Costume party, and I have been informed that I am going to go as Alice.  Score.  I won’t be your every day traditional Alice, though!  I will be throwing some stitches into it later this afternoon, pictures to come!

Alice in Wonderland

Tea Party!

Sewing Room!


So, first thing’s first.  I need a creative place where I can make things happen.  I’m thinking purple, grey, black and ivory.  Something vibrant.  I can’t deal with boring white, it makes me sleepy.  I’m thinking of doing a couple of walls in the purple, and the opposite walls in grey.  Shelving would be ivory.  I want to take an entire wall and cover it in different shaped mirrors and put my mannequin on that wall.  I’ve also got a few windows to cover creatively.  Hmm, I feel a sewing project coming on!