I like to sew, and every project is an adventure.  My passion is costume design, but I have been known to stitch together a shirt or dress at times.  Here’s where you can follow my material adventures (and misadventures).

If I’m not sewing, I’m usually found in the kitchen.  When I don’t have a toddler attached to my leg, that is.  Sometimes even that doesn’t stop me.  I’m constantly mocked by my friends for my inability to follow a recipe, but their mockery turns to compliments when they taste the finished product.  Usually…

And if I have exhausted my sewing or cooking steam, I’m often tapping away at the keyboard writing the next great American novel (or fun kid’s story about dragons or whatever…).  I use this blog to chronicle my writing conquests and to post my weekly Friday Flash Fiction writing challenges.

Enjoy the ride!